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Streamline your delivery process.

Core features

What we offer?

Managing the delivery process on the sellers’ behalf to overcome delivery challenges by aggregating multiple courier and warehousing companies (like Aramex, DHL, Mylerz, etc) in one platform, distributing the orders based on advantages each courier company has, and applying the QC for seamless operation and payment collection with a continues live customer support.

Easy and Simple

How It Works?

Adding Orders

First, add your orders from any of your E-commerce platforms (social media platforms, Messages, online shops)

Matching with Courier

Automatically your order will get matched with the recommended courier company based on the provided details.

Applying Quality Control

Quality control is the key!
we have a dedicated Live Customer Support
to manage the pickup & delivery to guarantee a hassle-free experience.

Getting Paid

On-time payment, after delivering orders immediately,  we pay out to you, it’s not your call to wait for any delay even if the courier company did.

Added value features

Facilitating your e-commerce journey

Free e-commerce store!

Launch your online store and get your products listed or
connect your current online store on Shopify, WordPress, Magento, or use our  customized API

Different Payment methods

Collect your payments by credit, debit card, bank transfer, Fawry, or Cash on delivery.

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