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About Our Affiliate Program

Join the ranks of successful affiliate marketers by becoming a part of our exciting program. Our platform aggregates multiple shipping companies, providing merchants with unparalleled shipping options. As an affiliate, your role is to connect merchants with our platform. For every order they deliver, you earn 1 LE. The more merchants you refer, the more you earn.

How It Works

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Sign Up

Register for our affiliate program and get access to your unique referral link.

Share & Refer

Share your link with merchants. Utilize our promotional materials to reach a wider audience.

Earn Money

Earn 1 LE for every order delivered by the merchants you refer.

Track & Optimize

Use our dashboard to track your earnings and optimize your strategies.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

Unlimited Earning Potential

There’s no cap on how much you can earn.

Support & Resources

Gain access to promotional materials and support to maximize your earnings.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor your performance and earnings through our intuitive dashboard.

Quick Payouts

Enjoy hassle-free and quick payouts.

Success Stories

“I stumbled upon this affiliate program when looking for ways to expand my online business. It was the best decision I made! Referring merchants was simple and in no time, I started earning. The support team is amazing and the dashboard lets me track everything effortlessly.”
Ahmed Ibrahim
As a freelancer, I am always on the lookout for additional income streams. This affiliate program not only provided me with extra income but also introduced me to a network of like-minded individuals. The earning potential is incredible, and I appreciate the quick payouts.
Mohamed Said
My journey as an affiliate has been transformative. The platform’s ease of use for both affiliates and merchants made it easy to refer clients. I earned trust from my clients and revenue for myself. It’s a win-win! The resources provided also helped in sharpening my marketing tactics.”
Nada Adel


How do I sign up for the affiliate program?

Signing up is easy! Just click on the “Join Now” button on our landing page, fill out the registration form with your details, and you’ll be on your way to earning with our affiliate program.

What is the main purpose of this affiliate program?

The main purpose of our affiliate program is to reward individuals for referring merchants to our shipping platform. For every order that a referred merchant delivers through our platform, the affiliate earns 1 LE.

How do I refer merchants?

Once you sign up, you will be provided with a unique referral link. Share this link with merchants. When a merchant signs up using your referral link and starts delivering orders, you earn a commission.

How can I track my earnings and referrals?

We provide an intuitive affiliate dashboard where you can monitor your referrals, track the orders they deliver, and see your earnings in real-time.

When and how do I get paid?

Payments are made monthly. You need to have a minimum balance of X LE (replace X with the threshold amount) in your account to be eligible for a payout. Payments are made through [specify payment methods, e.g., PayPal, bank transfer].

Can I promote my referral link on social media?

Absolutely! We encourage you to use social media to share your referral link. You can also use email, blogs, or any other channels you feel comfortable with.

Are there any promotional materials I can use?

Yes, after signing up, you will get access to a range of promotional materials that you can use to effectively promote your referral link and attract more merchants.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

There is no cap on your earnings. The more merchants you refer and the more orders they deliver, the more you earn!

Do I need to have a website to join the affiliate program?

No, you don’t need to have a website to join. You can promote your referral link through various channels such as social media, email, or word of mouth.

Who can I contact if I need help or have questions?

 If you need help or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at [support email address] or through the contact form on our website.

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